Ready to reap the rewards of digital transformation? First, you'll need the right team. Here’s why people are your most valuable asset in digital enablement.

Digital transformation promises to unlock new opportunities for businesses that invest in technology. While many companies have seen incredible results, but a recent Randstad survey shows that 41 percent of CIOs are unsatisfied with their digital transformation outcomes.

Digital enablement — which involves continuous improvements to produce optimal results — faces a similar problem. According to 44 percent of CIOs, the biggest issue is the skills gap. They simply don’t have the talent to deliver on the promise of digital transformation.

Technology won’t deliver results unless you have the right team. Here are some tips on finding the talent you need.

identifying the right people for digital enablement

Whether hiring an IT professional or a non-IT employee, you’ll need to consider how they fit into your digital enablement strategy. Ideal qualities for a candidate in a digital-first organization include:


Digital enablement involves learning new processes and new platforms. The ideal candidate finds change exciting and is always willing to try a better way of doing things.

strategic thinking

Enablement is all about finding opportunities to make improvements. A great candidate will have strong problem-solving abilities, and they’ll understand how their role connects to the broader company strategy.

change management

Your team members should approach digital enablement as a change management project. They’ll always consider how changes might affect cybersecurity, operational workflows and customer experience.

IT advocacy

Digital-first organizations need people who will champion IT solutions. These people use technology to drive improvements while encouraging their colleagues to do the same.


Most importantly, candidates should be great communicators. Enablement often involves working with people from other teams, so it’s essential to have good conversations about processes, strategy and business requirements.

Candidates with these attributes will play a vital role in your digital enablement strategy. They will also support future projects and help identify further opportunities for improvement.

recruitment strategy for digital enablement

As you build your teams, several key strategies will help you foster a culture of digital aptitude and agility:

promote a digital culture

Your company culture attracts certain types of candidates. If you make it clear that you have a digital-first culture, you will attract people who want to work in a cutting-edge environment.

One way to communicate this is by talking about your culture in job ads and on social media. Celebrate innovation and highlight your commitment to continuous digital improvement.

make digital enablement part of onboarding

Onboarding is an often-underrated step of the recruitment process. This is where new hires begin to absorb your culture while learning about their place in the team.

During onboarding, talk to new hires about digital enablement. Encourage them to be critical of current processes and look for opportunities to improve things.

invest in continuous learning and development

Investing in continuous learning programs focused on new technologies, methodologies and best practices in digital enablement keeps your people ahead of the curve. This approach not only helps in retaining top talent but also ensures your team is primed to exploit digital opportunities the moment they arise.

take a flexible approach to staffing

Building a digital-first team can’t be done overnight. You’ll need to vary your approach with a mix of:

  • External recruitment: Over time, your digital-first hiring strategy will help you build a team that fully understands digital enablement.
  • Cross-functional teams: Don't overlook the value of creating cross-functional teams that include members from various departments like IT, marketing, sales and operations. This multidisciplinary approach helps in better understanding and execution of digital enablement strategies. 
  • Outsourcing: When immediate skills are lacking and urgent action is needed, consider bringing in outsourced experts. Whether it's IT specialists, project managers or upskilling coaches, outsourcing can provide the precise skills you need, right when you need them.

Randstad Digital can fill the skills gap in your business — right now. Find out more about how Randstad can help you deliver digital success.