how randstad digital drove the program forward.

Randstad Digital was able to help the automotive group accelerate their journey to the cloud, providing the right direction to make it happen on a realistic but rapid timeframe. Our solution was to divide the priorities into three pillars: equipping the organization for future challenges, finding and implementing the ideal technologies, and governance of clear operational ROI.

We implemented this approach as follows:

  • Site analysis of the current IT landscape.
  • Design of a new cloud master plan — strategic guidelines are defined, based on which the new orientation of the IT landscape was comprehensible and thus could be implemented accordingly.
  • Alignment of the cloud master plan with compatibility within the customer’s overall IT strategy.
  • Identification of gaps between the current and target state for both quick wins and more long-term potential.

the outcome.

The modernization strategy not only had immediate impacts on software development but also at a functional level. To enable efficiency gains, the customer’s demand management department also had to align its requirements with the new standardized processes.

In addition, from a business perspective, it was necessary to maintain regular operations and thus the delivery capability of the affected areas. Therefore, our client did not initiate an independent transformation project for the new IT strategy. Instead, the responsible parties aimed to design and implement the strategy during ongoing operations, with the continued support of Randstad Digital.

We were able to support and upskill the in-house team, by providing training and advice, along with injecting contingent top-tier digital talent at the time it was needed most.

Our team brings the benefit of hindsight having successfully completed hundreds of cloud migration projects. In this case, we had experience in the existing platforms and software being used, so understood the pitfalls and obstacles of migrating the infrastructure. This meant that we were able to meticulously plan and prioritize the journey.

The program was completed within a period of 2 months, and the results and benefits speak for themselves:

We take a pragmatic approach to infrastructure modernization with all our customers, leveraging our digital expertise and wealth of experience of cloud migration. We work with you to assess the readiness of each application and determine the best possible route whether that be to retire, rehost, relocate, re-platform, repurchase, refactor or retain.

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