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At Randstad Digital, we combine CX talent with extensive experience, helping all our clients understand their customers and create an ‘experience-first’ culture that delivers competitive advantage. Our approach to IRISnet was exactly this. Using a localized delivery team of strategists and developers, we drove this program forward towards an end-goal of rolling out a web app, with a strong focus on producing something that could be easily adopted for rapid integration into consumer and employee lives.

Ultimately, we created MyIRISnet — a web platform divided into a front-end (portal) and back-end (service core) for both ease of consumer use and an operational improvement for employees. The portal consists of a Symfony (PHP framework) application and uses Vue (Javascript) components to display user data. This results in a dynamic character of the pages and an improved UX.

Symfony is used as router and proxy for the back-end system. Having the service core built around a powerful Symfony framework allows for a more scalable architecture. The system is resilient enough to deal with high numbers of visitors, and so essentially it can grow with the user base.

“We were able to build the MyIRISnet web application in less than 6 months”, Ann Holvoet, project manager, explains. “The platform meets all the IRISnet criteria, and in the meantime, we keep on extending the possibilities by implementing new features.”

who supported on this project?

One of the benefits of working with a contingent workforce from a longer-term technology partner like Randstad Digital is that a wider team can collaborate on every project, meaning that the different technical skills required at different stages of a project can be unlocked and realized, at the time they are most needed.

In this case, a locally-based development team in Belgium worked through this project. Initially, business analysts and development strategists determined the status and devised the roadmap for the project. Then, designers, full-stack web developers, software engineers, a Symfony specialist and a senior javascript developer all collaborated on the execution of the app build, managed by a project team lead. Functional analysts and technical testers then ensured that useability was all up to standard and compliant, before pushing to a launch phase. With this redistributed approach to technical projects, in-house staff can outsource the burden of technical understanding and the digital skills gap can be filled instantly.

We have an exceptional talent pool across the globe to assist with CX enablement in terms of building your digital platforms, creating immersive experiences and leveraging technologies to create seamless and integrated customer journeys.

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