how randstad digital helped.

The Randstad Digital team was called upon to resolve this data connection and set the system up for continued success. A short project with long lasting positive effects on the organization.

The initial focus was on ensuring any new data generated would be compatible with the existing software for overlay, as well as making it easy to change, trim and analyze, prior to the export back into the legacy format.

The team then determined that there was a need to create two separate tools to solve the two overarching problems. Firstly, a tool for converting and manipulating data, and secondly a tool to improve existing scripts which were being used to generate the plot points for old sensor data.

a three-pronged plan of action:


Identify the best solution for the GUI interface to be used across both tools.


Create the solution to manage the differences between the new files and the old ones.


Find a way to manipulate and visualize the data for optimal analysis and insight.

who supported on this project?

Our team of data engineering experts can design, implement, or continuously manage your technical data infrastructure and pipelines so that you can better ingest, store, process, and transform your data capability. Improve your handling of data, unlock better analytical decision-making, and drive your business forward.

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