Looking to boost customer retention and engagement? Find out why customer experience is the key to successful digital transformation and how to make it your focal point.

Every savvy business leader knows keeping customers happy is the key to long-term success. Yet, during digital transformation initiatives that often include cloud migration and intelligent automation, customer experience (CX) sometimes gets pushed to the back burner.

Imagine the impact if you flipped the script and put customer experience at the heart of your digital transformation.

why is customer experience important?

CX is a vital part of customer retention — a bad experience will drive people away. But top-class CX offers multiple benefits, such as:

  • increased engagement, leading to higher net spend
  • chance to turn customers into promoters
  • more opportunities to gather customer data, courtesy of data analytics and data management systems

Some digital upgrades have little impact on the customer experience, and a few can even set you back a step or two. But if you keep your customers in mind from the start, you'll be better positioned to make changes they'll appreciate and benefit from.

what makes a great customer experience?

Digital transformation goes beyond just new tech; it's about putting people and how things work at the forefront. This holds true for customer experience (CX), where the key pillars should be:


Make sure your digital services are easy to use and open to everyone.


Your platforms should bend to fit your customer's needs, not vice versa.


Every interaction should leave customers feeling valued and cared for.

Think of these as the friendly staff, smooth checkout and pleasant atmosphere you'd want in a physical store. Make it a priority to embed these values into your next digital overhaul.

5 ways to integrate CX into your digital transformation

For a truly customer-led strategy, you'll need to think about CX at every stage of digital transformation:

1. research

Any customer-focused strategy starts with knowing your audience. Collect both hard facts through surveys and analytics and the “soft” perspective via focus groups and feedback. This rounded view helps you get a grip on what your customers really wan

2. service design

While digital transformation aims to cut costs and speed up processes, don't lose sight of CX. When redesigning your services, aim not just to meet but to exceed customer expectations at every touchpoint.

3. development and configuration

It's crucial to have a CX champion at the table during all stages of product development. This helps IT professionals stay focused on outcomes that matter to customers, such as speed, usability and accessibility. During configuration and integration, a CX focus will help you avoid changes that might impact customer satisfaction.

4. testing and validation

The stakes are high when launching a client-facing service. Even minor glitches can significantly dent customer trust. That's why your digital transformation team should rigorously test and troubleshoot potential issues affecting CX before going live.

5. customer feedback

Remember, digital transformation is a continuous cycle. Once your new platform is up and running, keep the loop going by collecting and analyzing customer feedback. Use this insight to refine your services further.

why choose randstad digital for your CX journey?

Our global talent pool is ready to assist you in elevating your customer experience, whether by building intuitive digital platforms, crafting immersive customer journeys or leveraging the right technologies for seamless interactions. Get in touch with us today, and let’s talk about turning your digital transformation goals into a customer-centered reality