talented specialists are taking the wheel.

The digital skills gap is one of the biggest challenges faced by the automotive sector today. As innovation advances, so too do the possibilities for leveraging talent from outside the conventional automotive sector.

With the right approach, tier-one suppliers can inject expertise, upskill their workforce and stay competitive as the industry accelerates into the software-defined future.

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randstad digital is here to help.

With knowledge across every aspect of IT and technology, Randstad Digital is uniquely positioned to help automotive suppliers across the world attract more candidates and infuse their teams with talent.

By uniting our world-leading talent engine with digital enablement expertise, we can customize a mix of reputable software, strong leadership and talented specialists to scale your business in a way that works for you. 

  • bridge the digital skills gap
  • implement sustainable upskilling initiatives
  • gain access to a global pool of specialized skills
  • keep pace with the accelerating automotive industry

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