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In today’s economy, the need for digital transformation is prevalent, and the most critical aspect that is holding companies back is access to world-class digital talent.  In light of evolving enterprise requirements, organizations must prioritize digital enablement to expedite and achieve enterprise-level transformations at scale, ensuring their competitive edge in today's dynamic business landscape.

The report by Everest Group, supported by Randstad Digital entitled, "Digital Enablement in an Era of Value Realization"  explores the need to transition to a new IT talent model to keep up with enterprise digitalization. The report addresses a new concept that helps to address these constraints and more.

Download the report today, to dive deeper into:

  • The state of enterprise digitalization and the need for a new talent model
  • The concept of Digital Enablement and how it is different from traditional staffing models
  • The advantages of Digital Enablement and how enterprises can track progress on their digital journeys over time using Digital Enablement levers
download the report

download the report.

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Digital enablement is a talent-first approach to scaling and accelerating enterprise digitalization. For it to happen, it calls for the supply of digital talent from a specialist third party: a digital enabler.

A digital enabler acts as an extension of your IT team, aligned with enterprise talent needs.

With a digital enabler, you can:

  • narrow the technology skills gap.
  • introduce scalable upskilling journeys.
  • have an ally that supports your retained tech talent.
  • gain access to a globalized, specialist digital talent pool.
  • deploy fit-for-purpose, scalable full stack pods.
  • reinvest in and implement sustainable career architectures.

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