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our key cloud capabilities.

The ISG Provider Lens™ highlighted our key cloud capabilities, spanning a variety of specialist technical areas and sitting across all our focus verticals; BFSI, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Automotive, Media and Telecom

about the ISG Provider Lens™.

The comprehensive ISG Provider Lens™ study, Multi Public Cloud Services, is focused specifically on the needs of US enterprises and public sector organizations. The ISG Provider Lens™ studies aim to help buyers evaluate their current vendor relationships, potential new engagements and available offerings in the market.

In today’s market, enterprises and public sector entities are actively seeking collaborations with strategic service providers to streamline the process of transitioning to the cloud, particularly on major hyperscale platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. These entities are relying on service providers to assist in the management and security of workloads, implement observability, and optimize costs through FinOps strategies.

Jan Erik Aase, Partner and Global Leader at ISG Provider Lens™ Research, emphasized the importance of finding suitable partners and solutions in this context. According to Aase, organizations are in search of collaborators and technologies that can unlock the full potential of cloud technology. The right partners and solutions play a crucial role in ensuring the security of workloads, controlling costs, and going beyond basic lift-and-shift migration to achieve genuine business transformation. Randstad Digital has been recognized as such digital enabler

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Randstad Digital Framework.

Our Randstad Digital Framework is designed to continuously refine and roll out the cloud strategy of our customers in an agile process. The initially developed aspects of the Cloud Journey come into play here. Our structured process has been extensively tested and is based on over 25 years of experience in digital transformation. This allows us to bring our customers to their goals quickly.
Specialized Concept for Cloud Framework

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